Armchair Architecture

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Suggested online databases:

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia-Ebsco

This database provides over 25,000 encyclopedic entries covering a variety of subject areas. 


History of Architecture:



  • Emporis - The world's largest repository of data about buildings. Emporis has info about skyscrapers, churchs, theaters, and cell phone towers.
  • Top of the World's Tallest Tower - A video from the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai. 


Architecture News and Blogs:

  • Archinect - An online magazine that aims to connect "progressive-design" architects from around the world.
  • Architecture Week - Read about notable new buildings in the U.S. and look into forums to discuss issues in architecture such a green building.
  • Architectural Record - The online version of the magazine for architects. Tons of photos.
  • Designboom - Explore the wildest new public buildings from across the world on the blog.
  • DesignGuide - This free online newsletter serves designers and architects.
  • Dwell Magazine - This is a great publication for the design-aware homeowner.
  • Engineering News Record - Explore articles about building sustainability, construction methods, and where government stimulus money is going.
  • MoCo Loco - An online magazine about contemporary residential design; check out the Architecture section for photos.
  • National Real Estate Investor - NREI dishes on the state of skylines from Dubai to Nashville.
  • SpaceInvading - Take a look at these amazing projects going up around the world.

Selected Regional Architecture in the U.S.:

  • Santa Fe Unlimited - Take a look at the Santa Fe Architectural style which combines the ancient Pueblo adobe style with Victorian elements.
  • Googie Architecture - The space-age look of 1950's diners, particularly in Los Angeles, came to be called Googie architecture.
  • CityCenter: Capital of the New World - CityCenter is a six-tower structure in Las Vegas conceived as "a city within a city".


  • Women Architects - A directory of female architects; click through to learn something of their lives and works.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation - Read about Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work on this site, run by the foundation dedicated to his ideals.
  • John Lautner Foundation - John Lautner was a Southern California architect who helped define the look of post-war Los Angeles.

Unusual Architecture:

Architectural Organizations: