History of Fashion

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Mass Historia - Learn about Renaissance and Victorian-era historic recreation.

The Elizabethan Hornbook - A primer on 16th-century English worldviews and manners.

Elizabethan Costume Page - A directory of links to information about how to build Elizabethan outfits.

The Gentleman's Page - A guide to 19th-century dress and behavior for men.

Gentleman's Emporium - This site has Victorian costumes, along with Western and Civil War gear.

Pair o' Dice Mercantile and Fall Creek Suttlery - Both of these website carry clothing from about 1820 through 1900, specializing in Civil War Uniforms.

C & D Jarnagin Co. - This site has clothing from the French and Indian War period (1754-1763) to the American Civil War period (1861-1865).

Vixen Vintage - Vancouver, Wash., designer Solanah celebrates her love of vintage style on this blog.

Diary of a Vintage Girl - Fleur de Guerre is a British pinup model who uses her blog to "post tips on retro poses or hair techniques".

Choosing Your Vintage Silhouette - Given that all historical styles are open to you, how do you decide which 20th-century silhouette will suit you best? This site will walk you through the different styles.