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Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (EBSCO)

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Frank Lloyd Wright FoundationRead about Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work on this site, run by the foundation dedicated to his ideals.

John Lautner Foundation John Lautner was a Southern California architect who helped define the look of post-war Los Angeles.

Women ArchitectsA directory of female architects; click through to learn something of their lives and works.

Architecture News & Blogs:

ArchinectAn online magazine that aims to connect "progressive-design" architects from around the world.

Architecture WeekRead about notable new buildings in the U.S. and look into forums to discuss issues in architecture such a green building.

Architectural RecordThe online version of the magazine for architects, with numerous photos.

DesignboomExplore the wildest new public buildings from across the world on the blog.

DesignGuideThis free online newsletter serves designers and architects.

Dwell MagazineThis is a great publication for the design-aware homeowner.

Engineering News RecordExplore articles about building sustainability, construction methods, and where government stimulus money is going.

MoCo LocoAn online magazine about contemporary residential design; check out the Architecture section for photos.

National Real Estate InvestorNREI dishes on the state of skylines from Dubai to Nashville.

SpaceInvadingTake a look at these amazing projects going up around the world.

Architectural Organizations:

American Institute of Architects: AIAAIA is the professional association of architects on the U.S.

OWA: Organization of Women Architects and Design ProfessionalsOWA is the professional association of female architects.

History of Architecture:

Built in America: Historic American Buildings SurveyThis site is hosted by the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress.

Great Buildings OnlineA searchable database of information about architecturally important structures from across the globe.

National Register of Historic PlacesA database that documents historical buildings, sites, and objects across the nation.

National Trust Historic SitesExplore images of sites worth preserving from around the U.S.

Spiro Kostof Lectures: Architecture 170B, Spring 1991View the 26-part video of an entire semester with a renowned architectural historian.

Selected Regional Architecture in the U.S.:

Googie ArchitectureThe space-age look of 1950's diners, particularly in Los Angeles, came to be called Googie architecture.

Santa Fe UnlimitedTake a look at the Santa Fe Architectural style which combines the ancient Pueblo adobe style with Victorian elements.


EmporisThe world's largest repository of data about buildings. Emporis has info about skyscrapers, churchs, theaters, and cell phone towers.

Top of the World's Tallest TowerA video from the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai.

Unusual Architecture: 

Roadside AmericaThis site documents odd buildings and other attractions on road trips across the U.S.