Book A Librarian

Professional librarians are available to meet one-on-one to assist with research questions or offer face-to-face personal training with technology.

Complete the form below to get started. We’ll look at your appointment request and determine the best person on our staff to meet with you based on expertise and availability. We will not honor requests for a specific staff member by name. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to schedule your appointment, but we require at least three days advance notice in most cases.

Please Note: 

Each appointment will last up to one hour. Additional appointments can be requested with a maximum of one appointment per month.

We cannot offer advice (e.g., medical, legal, investment) except to advise users of reputable sources of evaluative information. Also, we cannot offer troubleshooting or maintenance help with personal computers. We reserve the right to deny any request at any time, at our own discretion.