Ancestry Library Edition (Accessible in Library Only)

  • This is a genealogy research tool that gives researchers a wide range of unique resources for genealogical and historical research. It includes US, UK, and Ireland census collections, Birth, Marriage, & Death Records, Immigration Collection, Military Records, and Biography and History Collection.
Family Search (Accessible in Library Only)
  • FamilySearch is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services each year to learn more about their family history. Only available in the library.


  • Local newspaper 1972-2000.

New York Times

  • New York Times direct access. Get the full version of the paper and personalize what you see to get the latest news. Please register or the site will block you after 6 articles.

Red Bank Register

  • Local newspaper 1878-1991.


Affordable Care Act Information from NJ State Library

  • NJ State Library provides key facts, enrollment dates and other helpful resources about the Affordable Care Act.

  • Facts On File’s Health Reference Center is a comprehensive encyclopedic database containing thousands of hyperlinked entries organized into four major categories: conditions and diseases, health and wellness, mental health, and body systems.It provides clear information on the causes, cures, key research, medical terms, symptoms, treatments and trends, and organizations in each field of study.


African American History Online (Facts on File)

  • African American History Online explores more than 500 years of the African-American experience--containing biographies, historical and topical subject entries, primary source documents, maps and charts, an image gallery, and general and subject-specific timelines that cover more than 500 years of American women’s history.

American History Online (Facts on File)

  • Spanning more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history of the United States. Content Features: biographies, events and topics, primary sources, timelines, image gallery, maps, charts and more.

American Indian History Online (Facts on File)

  • Facts On File’s American Indian History Online database offers fast access to more than 15,000 years of culture and history through event and topic entries, biographies, images, maps and charts, legends, primary sources, and timeline entries.

American Women's History Online (Facts on File)

  • American Women’s History Online is an authoritative reference database containing biographies, historical and topical subject entries, primary source documents, maps and charts, an image gallery, and general and subject-specific timelines that cover more than 500 years of American women’s history.

Ancient & Medieval History Online (Facts on File)

  • Ancient and Medieval History Online provides thorough coverage of eight civilizations—ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, medieval Europe, the Americas, and ancient and medieval Asia.

History (Salem Press)

  • History from the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties in America. Included are Great Events from History:The Ancient World, the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Modern World History Online

  • Modern World History Online covers the full scope of world history from the mid-15th century to the present. This comprehensive online resource contains thousands of fully hyperlinked subject entries, biographies, images, maps and charts, primary source documents, and timeline entries.


Academic Search Premier

  • This multi-disciplinary database provides full text for more than 4,650 journals, including full text for more than 3,900 peer-reviewed titles.

Curriculum Resource Center

  • Curriculum Resource Center gives teachers fast access to printable teacher-handout material for the middle, high school, and junior college curriculum.
EBSCOHost Explora

  • Provides full text for 1,830 periodicals covering nearly all subjects including general reference, business, health, and much, much more.


  • The Education Resource Information Center contains more than 1,282,000 records and links to more than 314,000 full-text documents from ERIC.

Facts on File
  • A general index to educational databases in the areas of Curriculum Resources, Science, History, Multiculturalism, Geography, Career Guidance and Forms.

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia

  • This database provides over 25,000 encyclopedic entries covering a variety of subject areas.


  • Homework Help Interact with live tutors in math, science, reading/writing, social studies, PSAT/SAT, ACT, AP and state standardized tests. Skills-Building Choose your topic to receive real-time help. Personalized eLearning Tools My File Sharing, My Session Replay, My Tutoring Archive, My Tests Archive, and more! 24-Hour Writing Lab Submit essays and other forms of writing for constructive feedback. Homework Send Question Submit homework questions for expert guidance. Adult Learning Center Access a library of rich adult learning content (GED) and live, professional assistance in resume/cover letter writing, U.S. citizenship prep, MS Office Essential Skills Series, and more! Foreign Language Lab /Spanish-Speaking Support.

  • This database offers interactive practice exams including ASVAB, GED, GMAT, PRAXIS, SAT, police and firefighter tests, AP exams, real estate licensing preparation, skills improvement courses, teacher certification, TOEFL, and much more.

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (EBSCO)

Middle Search Plus

  • Full text of popular magazines and reference books with middle school reading levels.
  • Explore topic on many current issues, including abortion, foreign policy, global issues, religion, race, etc.
  • Provides full text for more than 70 popular, magazines for elementary school research.

Universal Class

  • Knowledge is power. Why not learn something new today? UniversalClass™ offers hundreds of FREE online classes taught by dedicated instructors sharing their knowledge on almost any imaginable topic.


Bloom's Literature

  • This literature database has been thoroughly revised and expanded to include the writings of renowned literary critic Harold Bloom.