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National Geographic Science Chapters

Have you started reading chapter books? Do you like reading about science or reading non-fiction in general? Or do you need to read a non-fiction book for school? Try the "National Geographic Science Chapters" series. They are great non-fiction books for early chapter book readers--not too difficult and not too easy.

See, Heat, Smell, Taste, and Touch: Using Your Five Senses    by Andrew Collins (J 612.8 COL)

Violent Weather: Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes by Andrew Collins (J 551.55 COL)

Devouring Flames: The Story of Forest Fires by Meredith Costain (J 634.9 COS)

Into the Earth: The Story of Caves by Meredith Costain (J 551.44 COS)

Mysteries of the Universe : How Astronomers Explore Space by Andrew Einspruch (J 919.9 EIN)

All About Light by Monica Halpern (J 535 HAL)

Rivers of Fire: The Story of Volcanoes by Monica Halpern (J 551.21 HAL)

Venus Flytraps, Bladderworts, and other Wild and Amazing Plants by Monica Halpern (J 580 HAL)

Mysteries of the Sea: How Divers Explore Ocean Depths by Marianne Morrison (J 551.46 MOR)

More than Man's Best Friend: The Story of Working Dogs by Robyn O'Sullivan (J 636.7 OSU)

Your 206 Bones, 32 Teeth, and other Body Math by Robyn O'Sullivan (J 612 OSU)

Weedy Sea Dragons, Spitting Cobras, and other Wild and Amazing Animals by Robyn O' Sullivan (J 591.47 OSU)

Amazon Journey: Cruising the Rain Forest by Gare Thompson (J 918 THO)

Serengeti Journey: On Safari in Africa by Gare Thompson (J 599 THO)

All About Ants by Sue Whiting (J 595.7)

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