Tax Season Is Here


Here we are again at income tax filing season!  We will offer basically the same services as were provided last year.  This year the IRS is not mailing packets to individuals as they did last year unless the person specifically calls to request one.   (1-800-TAX-FORM)  (1-800-829-3676).  Basic federal forms and booklets (1040, 1040A, 1040 EZ) will be provided in bulk and available in our lobby area outside of the  meeting room.  They are coming in slowly, but are being placed on the table as they arrive.  We only have a limited quantity which will be available until the supply is exhausted.  If you require other forms, please go to the Reference Desk where we can print forms/booklets for them at a charge of 20 cents per page.  We are charging 20 cents as we will be printing them “on demand” per person.  At the Reference Desk will also be available Reproducible Forms which the patron can photocopy themselves for 10 cents per page.  The person must leave I.D. (library card, drivers license) with the librarian on duty while they make their own copies. 

NJ State forms are not being mailed nor or they being supplied to us in bulk.  We will print approximately 35 copies of the booklet and keep them in folders available at the Reference Desk.  They can be checked out at Borrower Services to use at home to make filing easier.  We have printed copies of the NJ Resident and Non-Resident forms pre-printed at the Reference Desk and will charge 10 cents per page.  Each set should cost 30 cents.  Patrons may also call the Division of Taxation to have forms mailed to them.  (1-609-292-6400)

You can access the NJ Taxation website on your own if desired at  

We will be offering free AARP tax assistance again this year.  We will once again take appointments at the Reference Desk.  We are awaiting final word from our coordinator as to the specific days and times.  The AARP coordinator anticipates starting in mid-February as in previous years. Additional information will be posted soon.