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Middletown Township Public Library cardholders now have immediate access to a new collection of eBooks from eLibraryNJ, a project of 45 participating libraries in New Jersey! Many titles are available exclusively to Middletown cardholders and can be identified by the                   Overdrive Advantage logo.

You may download to your personal computer and can also transfer to selected portable devices. Check here for a list of all compatible devices.

About the eLibraryNJ Collection

eLibraryNJ is a collection of electronic books that are available only to library cardholders from OverDrive, a leading publisher of digital content. This collection has over 2000 ebooks and over 6000 audiobooks with new titles constantly being added.

About the eLibraryNJ Digital Audio Book Collection

The eLibraryNJ Audio Book Collection is a collection of downloadable audio books available to library cardholders only from OverDrive, a leading publisher of digital content.

  • OverDrive audio books are available in WMA and MP3 formats. They can be downloaded to your computer using the OverDrive Media Console and some can be burned to a CD. Some titles can also be accessed using the Overdrive Media Console app directly on most smartphones and portable devices such as the iPad.

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eBook Formats

Publishers have a variety of formats to choose from when producing an eBook. Compatability is dependent upon the reader. Formats for the most popular devices are as follows:

Kindle - With the launch of the Kindle eBook reader, created the proprietary format, AZW. It is based on the Mobipocket standard, with a slightly different serial number scheme and its own DRM formatting. Because the eBooks bought on the Kindle are delivered over its wireless system called Whispernet, the user does not see the AZW files during the download process. The Kindle format is now available on a variety of platforms.

ePub - ePub is the open (and free) eBook publishing standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the trade asssociation for the digital book publishing industry. Files end in the extension .epub. ePub is designed for the the ability to manage the display of text dependent upon the particular device being used, i.e. the reflowability of its content. The format is being widely adopted and is used by the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Sony Reader and other devices. The eBooks from elibraryNJ are in the ePub format and can be downloaded to a Sony Reader or a Nook.

PDF - Adobe's portable document format. The PDF format reproduces an image of a page. It is widely used, but since PDFs are designed for printing on standard paper sizes it may not be readily adaptable to small devices such as mobile phones or PDAs. The "reflowing" of the text in the PDF to the smaller screens is an issue that Adobe is working on. Use Adobe Reader with Digital Editions, the free software from Adobe, to view eBooks in PDF format on Windows and Mac computers, the Sony Reader, and the Nook.


Searching for and downloading an ebook from eLibraryNJimage

Important elibraryNJ Notes:

  • eLibraryNJ ebooks can be downloaded onto Android, Apple and other mobile devices using version 2.0 of the Overdrive Media Console or the Bluefire Reader app.

There are two ways to search:

  1. Go to the Advanced Search in the library's catalog and choose the downloadable eBook format, then click search. This will bring up a list of all of the ebook titles in the library's collection. Searches can be further refined by adding additional keywords.
    Or, click on any results in a search that says A book accessible through the Internet. Click on that link to view the eBook.
  2. Search eLibraryNJ directly. [Your library card number will be required for you to check out a title.]
    • Select Advanced search on the upper right side of the page under Digital Media Search
    • Choose a title and click add to cart (NOTE: If the title is already checked out you will be only be able to add yourself to the waiting list)
    • Click proceed to checkout
    • Login with Library name and Library card number
    • Choose either the 7, 10 or 14 day loan period and click Confirm checkout
    • Click Download to save a copy of the book on your computer.


  • eLibraryNJ ebooks and audiobooks will automatically expire when the lending period is over. Ebooks can also be returned early from most ereaders by selecting "return item" from the drop down menu at the top left of the book cover in Adobe Digital Editions. Kindle users can return ebooks early by clicking “return this item” from the dropdown menu next to the book title in their Kindle Library at

Check Out Details for your Audio Book:

  • You do not need to come to The Library to either select or return a digital audio book. Everything is done from a remote computer.
  • The loan period is 7 or 10 days. When the loan period is over the file expires and the material is automatically checked back in.
  • You may NOT download your book more than 3 times -- the download button disappears on a fourth attempt.
  • You may put Items on reserve. When the requested title is available you will be sent an e-mail. You will have three days to download your reserved audiobook, otherwise it will go to the next customer waiting for it.
  • You can check-out up to five digital audio books at one time.

The following types of audio formats can be checked out and downloaded from eLibraryNJ:

  • WMA Audiobooks in the OverDrive Media Console™ format
    An OverDrive WMA Audiobook title is a digitally-protected audiobook that has been optimized for download. OverDrive WMA Audiobook titles are built using the Microsoft® Windows Media® Audio format, which greatly enhances the sound quality for desktop listening, play of CD copies (where permitted by the publisher), and portable device use.
  • MP3 Audiobooks in the OverDrive Media Console™ format
    An OverDrive MP3 Audiobook title is an audiobook that has been optimized for download. OverDrive MP3 Audiobook titles are compatible with many different devices including some cell phones, PDAs, and most portable music devices.

Getting Started


For an overview of the process click on New to Digital Books? Click Here!.

Basic steps for getting started:

  • Download required software
  • Activate software and device with an Adobe ID

Step-by-Step Instructions:

imageFor step-by-step set-up instructions for your particular device go to and click the My Help logo. Simply select either ebook or audiobook and your device and then follow the directions on the screen to install the required free software and authorize your device.

Need more information?

Do you have a question not covered on this page or on the Help page from elibraryNJ? Please call the Reference Desk at 732-671-3700 ext. 320.